Peter Schiff: Negativity around gold shows ‘many, many years of a bull market’

gold bull market

Who says the decade-long gold bull market has come to an end? After gold and silver suffered a horrendous month of April, many financial experts have been urging investors to sell their precious metals and to move on. However, one long-term proponent … [Read more...]

Canadian executive Rob McEwen: Gold still projected to exceed $5,000 an ounce

Rob McEwen Facebook screen caption

Akin to Peter Schiff’s recent projections, goldbug and Canadian gold industry executive Rob McEwen believes gold will still hit the $5,000 an ounce mark, despite gold falling below $1,400 over the past several days. Speaking to the Business News … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff: This is the last great buying opportunity for gold

Peter Schiff

Gold has been making headlines for the past two weeks after it dropped off dramatically. During the Monday morning trading session, gold declined by $132.70, or nearly nine percent, to $1,383.20 (at the time of this writing). Silver also dipped below … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff explains the recent correction in gold price

Peter Schiff

In a recent video presentation Peter Schiff refutes the reports by the mainstream media and others that the gold bull market is over because of the recent pullback in its price.  With global currency wars continuing all currencies will be big losers … [Read more...]