More U.S. states pushing for bullion legal tender amid concerns over dollar

Bullion - Photo by: Andrew Moran

The Federal Reserve maintains a long history of creating bubbles, inflating the money supply and being one of the primary culprits of wreaking fiscal havoc in Washington. This is why many states are becoming more distrustful of the Fed and its … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: 6,000 years of history shows ‘gold is money, paper money fails’

Ron Paul - Photo by: Gage Skidmore

Retired Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul spoke with Bloomberg Television on Friday to discuss the United States dollar, protectionism, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and how gold is real money compared to paper money. ‘Accusatory’ The host … [Read more...]

Illinois looking to register gold and silver transactions in legislation


Last spring, the Illinois state legislature introduced SB3341 “Precious Metal Purchasing Act,” a bill that would require the registration and even tracking of all purchases of precious metals. The legislation would order a person to obtain proof of … [Read more...]

Germany planning to repatriate gold from New York Fed, French central bank


The German daily Handelsblatt reported Tuesday that the Bundesbank, the nation’s central bank, will be withdrawing billions in gold held at the New York Federal Reserve, Bank of England and the Banque de France. The purpose is to deposit more of its … [Read more...]