Silver investor David Morgan: Use silver as alternative currency

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When it comes to alternative currencies, the talk these days is usually about gold, bitcoins and local forms of money. However, one investor believes the best form of an alternative currency is silver bullion, a timeless precious metal that has … [Read more...]

Silver to average lower price in 2013, demand for silver coins still strong: report

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The Silver Institute released a report Wednesday that indicated silver prices will end the year lower than 2012’s average of $31.15 per ounce. Although prices have suffered a tremendous decline, global demand remains strong and investment rose to … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff explains the recent correction in gold price

Peter Schiff

In a recent video presentation Peter Schiff refutes the reports by the mainstream media and others that the gold bull market is over because of the recent pullback in its price.  With global currency wars continuing all currencies will be big losers … [Read more...]

WGC Report: Central banks bought most gold last year since 1964

Gold - Photo by: bullionvault

The World Gold Council (WGC) issued a quarterly report Thursday that noted central banks around the world bought the most gold last year since 1964. This comes as gold continues to maintain global high demand and nears record value levels. Last … [Read more...]