Royal Canadian Mint to issue limited Pope John Paul II gold, silver coins

Pope John Paul II will be honoured by the Royal Canadian Mint this April as it will issue pure gold and pure silver coins with a portrait of the Pope. It is estimated that only 1,500 gold coins will be produced by the Mint, while 8,500 silver coins will be made.

The commemorative gold coin will be 99.9 percent pure gold with a $25 face value. Each will sell for $649.95. Meanwhile, the silver coin will be 99.9 pure with a $10 face value and sell for $69.95. Both coins will be made available to the public as of Apr. 1.

Each coin will feature Pope John Paul II’s visit to Canada in 1984.

“Pope John Paul II was not only the first Roman Catholic pope in history to visit Canada, but a church leader whose pontificate featured many firsts around the world,” said Ian E. Bennett, the CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, in a statement.

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