Royal Canadian Mint to issue limited Pope John Paul II gold, silver coins


Pope John Paul II will be honoured by the Royal Canadian Mint this April as it will issue pure gold and pure silver coins with a portrait of the Pope. It is estimated that only 1,500 gold coins will be produced by the Mint, while 8,500 silver coins … [Read more...]

Chart: Real price of gold since 1791

Gold - Photo by: bullionvault

Do you want to know how much the real price of gold has been since 1971? Visualizing Economics has a brilliant new chart out depicting the various price fluctuations in the yellow metal since the year 1791, naming the United States presidents in … [Read more...]

Iraqi central bank acquires $1.5 billion worth of gold to protect dinar


This past month, the Central Bank of Iraq purchased 36 metric tons of gold, or $1.56 billion worth of the yellow metal, the biggest acquisition of any central bank or nation in three years. The purpose of the immense acquisition is part of a question … [Read more...]

Gold, silver as retirement investment vehicles


Retirement these days seems nearly impossible for anyone before the age of 50: high debt volumes, a devaluing currency, a rising cost of living and a lack of valuable, genuine assets. The question has turned from “when will I retire?” into “will I … [Read more...]

Jim Rogers: Central banks printing money against gold, collapse inevitable


Jim Rogers, financial guru and chairman of Rogers Holdings, sat down with a German news outlet this weekend in which he argued that central banks worldwide are printing money against gold and it can't last forever, which will lead to a collapse in … [Read more...]