Will alternative currencies triumph over the U.S. dollar?


This week, Janet Yellen was confirmed by the Senate Banking Committee to succeed Ben Bernanke as the next Chair of the Federal Reserve. The final vote will head to the Senate at an unspecified date where she is believed to garner the necessary 60 … [Read more...]

$1.1 million worth of gold bars discovered in airplane washroom


Following a flight from Bangkok to eastern India’s Kolkata, cleaners discovered 24 gold bars worth $1.1 million in an airplane washroom. Officials at Jet Airways confirmed the incident Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. After the … [Read more...]

Infographic: Gold and silver sales on eBay


Although the visual data is more than a year old, this infographic coincides with part one of Global Gold News's "Gold 101" series in which we discuss the best places to purchase gold. As noted, purchasing gold and silver on eBay can be expensive but … [Read more...]

Gold 101: 5 best places to buy your precious metals


(This is part one of a series titled “Gold 101” that is meant to educate readers on precious metals in general, including gold and silver. For the next several weeks, Global Gold News will give information, advice and news about bullion). As gold … [Read more...]

Gold receives a slight boost amid Janet Yellen remarks


After Federal Reserve Chair nominee Janet Yellen delivered testimony to Congress on Thursday, gold prices inched higher as she hinted at further tools to stimulate the United States economy. In other words, an increase in quantitative easing and … [Read more...]

Report: Physical silver demand strong in 2013, sales could break 2011 record

American Silve Eagles

On Tuesday, the Thomson Reuters GFMS Interim Silver Market Review was released during the annual Silver Industry Dinner in New York. The yearly report found that silver coins are becoming the top choice for investors and sales could hit a record high … [Read more...]

Video: World Gold Council highlights Q3 world gold demand trends

Bullion - Photo by: Andrew Moran

The World Gold Council (WGC) released a video Wednesday that looks at the third-quarter trends of gold demand on a worldwide scale. Some of the takeaways include central banks continuing to increase their gold holdings, the supply of gold dropped … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff disagrees with Winklevosses that bitcoin is ‘gold 2.0’

American Eagle Gold coin

It appears that bitcoin, the alternative digital currency in the marketplace, has plenty of bulls, including Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The Winklevoss twins feel bitcoin should be worth at least 100 times more than its current value today. … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff: The gold surge is just getting started

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff appeared on CNBC last week to talk about gold, the Federal Reserve and why prices of precious metals are just begging to surge. He further elaborated that it still remains a great market for gold bugs because they can acquire the yellow … [Read more...]

China may have bought 300 tons of gold in secret this year

Gold - Photo by: bullionvault

It’s no secret that central banks across the globe are goldbugs. The World Gold Council (WGC) reported earlier this year that central banks bought the most gold last year since 1964; China, India and Russia were top nations buying the precious … [Read more...]