Swiss National Bank reveals details of its gold reserves in annual meeting

swiss central bank

During the Swiss National Bank’s (SNB) annual meeting in Bern, president Thomas Jordan unveiled the locations of where Switzerland’s gold holdings are stored. Jordan disclosed the central bank holds 70 percent of its 1,040 tonnes of gold in … [Read more...]

Silver investor David Morgan: Use silver as alternative currency

American Silve Eagles

When it comes to alternative currencies, the talk these days is usually about gold, bitcoins and local forms of money. However, one investor believes the best form of an alternative currency is silver bullion, a timeless precious metal that has … [Read more...]

U.S. Mint suspends sales of one-tenth ounce Gold American Eagle coins

one tenth ounce gold american eagle

The U.S. Mint has run out of inventory of its one-tenth ounce American Eagle gold bullion coins after selling an astonishing 175,000 ounces of gold coins thus far in April.  The record is 231,500 ounces which was set in December 2009.  This is the … [Read more...]

Silver to average lower price in 2013, demand for silver coins still strong: report

American Silve Eagles

The Silver Institute released a report Wednesday that indicated silver prices will end the year lower than 2012’s average of $31.15 per ounce. Although prices have suffered a tremendous decline, global demand remains strong and investment rose to … [Read more...]

Switzerland to hold national referendum on central bank’s gold reserves policy

swiss central bank

Switzerland will be holding a national referendum sometime in the next several weeks on what the Swiss National Bank (SNB) should do with its gold reserves. The government confirmed Thursday that the Swiss Peoples Party (SVP) had the necessary … [Read more...]

Canadian executive Rob McEwen: Gold still projected to exceed $5,000 an ounce

Rob McEwen Facebook screen caption

Akin to Peter Schiff’s recent projections, goldbug and Canadian gold industry executive Rob McEwen believes gold will still hit the $5,000 an ounce mark, despite gold falling below $1,400 over the past several days. Speaking to the Business News … [Read more...]

Indian citizens flock to buy gold, taking advantage of sell-off

Indians buying gold

As gold prices plunged over the last several days, Indian citizens are taking advantage of this tremendous buying opportunity and are rushing to acquire the yellow metal. With the decline in prices, it is believed the federal government will be … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff: This is the last great buying opportunity for gold

Peter Schiff

Gold has been making headlines for the past two weeks after it dropped off dramatically. During the Monday morning trading session, gold declined by $132.70, or nearly nine percent, to $1,383.20 (at the time of this writing). Silver also dipped below … [Read more...]

More U.S. states pushing for bullion legal tender amid concerns over dollar

Bullion - Photo by: Andrew Moran

The Federal Reserve maintains a long history of creating bubbles, inflating the money supply and being one of the primary culprits of wreaking fiscal havoc in Washington. This is why many states are becoming more distrustful of the Fed and its … [Read more...]

Turkey exports $118 million worth of gold to Iran despite Western sanctions


In February, Turkey exported $117.9 million worth of gold to Iran for natural gas, despite tight sanctions imposed by Western nations. In Total, Turkey’s export of gold has increased 18 percent to $551.6 million in February, up from $466 million a … [Read more...]