Swiss group petitions government to stop selling gold reserves, repatriate holdings

Swiss National Bank gold reserves

A right-wing organization, led by the Swiss People’s Party, the far-right Swiss Democrats and the Lega dei Ticinesi movement, submitted a petition with more than 106,000 signatures that urges the federal government to stop seeking the sale of its … [Read more...]

Gold soars above $1,600 amid fears of Cyprus bank deposit tax

Stock market - Photo by: Katrina.Tuliao

Cyprus agreed to receive a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) bailout from the International Monetary Fund and its European partners. In exchange, the Cyprus government is debating to impose a bank deposit tax: a 6.75 percent tax on deposits under 100,000 … [Read more...]

Bank of Greece says nation’s gold reserves total $6.2 billion

Bank of Greece

Greece’s gold reserves total roughly $6.2 billion at the end of 2012. This was made public after the nation’s central bank responded to a query made by a Golden Dawn Member of Parliament and the letter was forwarded to Finance Minister Yannis … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff explains the recent correction in gold price

Peter Schiff

In a recent video presentation Peter Schiff refutes the reports by the mainstream media and others that the gold bull market is over because of the recent pullback in its price.  With global currency wars continuing all currencies will be big losers … [Read more...]

Purchases of Eagle gold, silver coins higher in February compared to a year ago

American Eagle Gold coin

Following the seasonal sales spike for American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins in the month of January each year, there is a slowdown in February. This year, however, monthly sales for the month of February are quite higher compared to a year … [Read more...]